Solving Real-Time Communications Problems

Frozen Mountain provides the complete solution for all your Internet-Based Real-Time Communication (iRTC) needs, covering audio/video conferencing, text chat, screensharing, VoIP/SIP integration and broadcasting.

Our products run on your hardware infrastructure or your cloud, and provide you with a lower cost and increased flexibility in application deployment and security. Download your free trial today.


P2P, selective forwarding (SFU) and mixing (MCU) for multiparty video conferencing.


High volume text chat, data transfer and call signaling.


P2P audio/video/data streaming and screensharing for all browsers and native platforms.

Professional Services

Our expert team specializes in all aspects of design and development for iRTC applications.


WebRTC SIP integration to support VoIP/PSTN architectures.


Broadcast WebRTC conferences to thousands of listeners.

What is iRTC?

Internet-Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC) is much more than just WebRTC. It’s an overall architecture that includes both streaming and non-streaming data transmission, defining a complete real-time communications solution.

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We enable you to stay on the forefront of iRTC technology innovation, while minimizing your risk and development costs. Frozen Mountain is an experienced provider of innovative Internet-Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC) solutions using the latest in RTC technology on multiple platforms. We are experts at delivering high-quality products and the best in professional services to meet your RTC goals. We love partnering with our customers who are incorporating RTC into their applications — over 300 customers in 47 countries!

  • Products Built from the Ground Up - We are RTC experts.
  • Great Partners - Companies with SaaS & PaaS offerings use our RTC products and services as their engine.
  • Professional Services - We can help you build your custom solution.

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