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IceLink provides peer-to-peer streaming RTC using WebRTC audio/video streaming, file transfer and screen sharing covering all browser platforms (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge), native desktop platforms (.NET, Mac), mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and Xamarin.

IceLink integrates with Wowza for audio/video distribution via Content Delivery Networks and with FreeSWITCH for integration to VOIP/SIP telephony networks.


WebSync provides non-streaming RTC via a server based, high performance, high volume engine that makes it easy to add non-streaming real-time functionality such as text chat, call signaling, diagnostic data transfer, shared whiteboards and server-side content pushing to your applications.

WebSync's unique multi-instance and shared caching capabilities allow it to transmit and synchronize many thousands of simultaneous users.


Looking to add Real-Time Communications services to your applications but don't have the in-house expertise? Look no further.

Frozen Mountain specializes in all aspects of the design and development of iRTC applications using the latest technologies covering a wide variety of platforms.

iRTC News

Read our blog for the latest IceLink and WebSync product updates, Internet Real-Time Communications (iRTC) industry news, and insights from our CTO Anton Venema.

Our latest post explores deployment options for your RTC application and how to determine the best solution for you. Read it now!

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We enable you to stay on the forefront of iRTC technology innovation, while minimizing your risk and development costs. Frozen Mountain is an experienced provider of innovative Internet Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC) solutions using the latest in RTC technology on multiple platforms. We are experts at delivering high-quality products and the best in professional services to meet your RTC goals. We love partnering with our customers who are incorporating RTC into their applications — over 300 customers in 47 countries!

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