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Announcing Our Upcoming iRTC White Paper Series

by Frozen Mountain Software, on January 20, 2017

On a monthly basis, we’ll be publishing informative white papers focused on different topics relating to Internet-based Real Time Communications (iRTC). See below for the upcoming schedule, and subscribe to receive them via email as they’re released!

Upcoming White Papers

Introduction to Internet Based Real Time Communications (iRTC) 
iRTC: The Role of Signaling in iRTC 
iRTC: Text Chat and Syncing Browser Data 
iRTC: Selective Forwarding 
iRTC: Audio/Video Mixing 
IRTC: Telephony VOIP and PSTN 
iRTC: Content Broadcasting

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Frozen Mountain Software

Started in 2008 and having grown to over 300 customers in 47 countries worldwide, Frozen Mountain provides cross-platform, licensed Real Time Communication (RTC) SDKs and RTC services that allow your organization to incorporate WebRTC audio/video streaming and mixing, selective forwarding, call signalling and much more into your applications.