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Frozen Mountain Highlights Xamarin Support at WebRTC V Conference

by Frozen Mountain Software, on November 24, 2014

Frozen Mountain showcased its IceLink WebRTC and WebSync signaling/browser synchronization products at the WebRTC V conference held November 18-20 in San Jose, California. Frozen Mountain sponsored the conference and participated by giving three presentations at the conference:   "WebRTC in HealthCare", "WebRTC in Education" and "Integrating Mobile Applications - Contrasting the Browser with Native OS Apps".  Frozen Mountain also demoed IceLink's cross-platform WebRTC capabilities and WebSync's signaling capabilities using JavaScript for browsers and Xamarin for native environments.

"Although WebRTC was originally conceived as a web based concept for supporting the peer-to-peer streaming of audio, video and data based on JavaScript in browsers, it is clear that demand for incorporating similar capabilities for native platforms is on the increase", said Ted Venema, VP or Business Development for Frozen Mountain, "Organizations want to add the same audio/video streaming to mobile applications as well as other native platforms.  Using Xamarin along with IceLink, developers are able to write their applications once for native platforms and easily deploy those applications to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.  Xamarin and IceLink are the perfect combination for adding audio/video peer-to-peer streaming to any native application."

Frozen Mountain provides more information on IceLink and WebSync at its website -  A trial version of IceLink containing IceLink/WebSync examples for all platforms can be downloaded from the Frozen Mountain website or for Xamarin users from the Xamarin component store.

Frozen Mountain Highlights Xamarin Support at WebRTC V Conference

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