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IceLink Goes Beyond Audio/Video WebRTC to Support Reliable Real-Time Messaging & Data Transfer On All Platforms Anywhere

by Frozen Mountain Software, on July 18, 2015

IceLink is an award-winning WebRTC solution, and the first of its kind to add support for reliable data channels across all platforms.

IceLink, winner of the Best WebRTC Tool 2015 at the WebRTC World conference, can now be used for text chat, file transfers and all forms of data streaming easily across all browser and native platforms that are currently supported.

Reliable data channels mean that when data is received, it arrives exactly as it was sent in real-time without consuming server-side resources - eliminating file corruption, lost messages, and connection errors. Need a client to upload a file while you're conferencing with them? No problem. IceLink uses a UDP protocol for audio/video conferencing and reliable data channels for data streaming. Having the conferencing and the data streaming connections on separate protocols allows for them to run parallel to each other in real-time, while also keeping server load down. With IceLink, you get fast, easy and accurate data streaming between peers without consuming server bandwidth. IceLink has entered a whole new world of collaboration.

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Here's What Else is New in IceLink 2.0:

IceLink's DTLS security engine has been upgraded from DTLS 1.0 to DTLS 1.2. We have also added support for 4 new cipher suites, 2 of which implement perfect forward secrecy (PFS).

Vastly improved IceLink audio engine. Audio quality on Android in particular has been improved, but all platforms should see audio that plays back smoothly without any "growing latency".

Forward error correction for VP8 video is now present on all platforms and enables automatically if packet loss over 5% (configurable) is reported. The result of this is significantly improved video quality on shaky networks.

Software-based acoustic echo cancellation for Opus audio is available for Android and .NET and helps to eliminate echo when using the device speakerphone.

IceLink now supports software-based volume control within the SDK for incoming and outgoing audio streams.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac SDKs for IceLink, WebSync, and TheRest have been updated to use the new Xamarin Unified API.

We thank all of you for your continued interest and support of Frozen Mountain!


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