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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud

Frozen Mountain is becoming LiveSwitch Inc. Here’s what you need to know.

by Jerod Venema, on June 15, 2021

Live video has always been about possibility happening right in front of us. We watch to see moments that change everything: that news-breaking scoop, that game-shifting play, and that performance that catches our breath. When we experience live video, we embrace change. Today, Frozen Mountain is embracing change by adopting a new name: LiveSwitch Inc.

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We chose to link our company name with our flagship product line, LiveSwitch, because of all the new possibilities our technology is enabling. From connecting virtual audiences of millions to live sports, to enabling high-quality digital patient visits, LiveSwitch Cloud and LiveSwitch Server have helped break new ground in live video experiences. 

When we look forward to what live video can do, we want our company name to match that living, moment-to-moment possibility. The name Frozen Mountain will always be part of our history, but LiveSwitch Inc. is our name for the future.

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As we move forward, we want to write the story of our company with our LiveSwitch product—all while providing the same great service and support that made our customers choose us in the first place. 

For our family of customers and partners, nothing is radically changing. You will still have our Professional Services team supporting your work with our SDK and helping you build an exceptional video streaming experience. Best of all, your support crew at LiveSwitch Inc. will now have more resources and team members focused on our products and SDK. So you can count on the same great service you’ve always had from our team—only better.

If you’re already building your video experience with LiveSwitch Cloud or LiveSwitch Server, your product experience is about to get even better. We’ve hired four more developers and product experts to make LiveSwitch even more versatile, scalable and reliable, and we are continuing to hire even more. This means faster updates, new features, and better support for your LiveSwitch experience.

Join us at LiveSwitch Inc.


Moving forward as LiveSwitch Inc., we’re excited by the potential of our product to power new possibilities in what live video can do. If you’d like to learn more about what’s next for LiveSwitch Cloud and LiveSwitch Server, be sure to visit our website at


Jerod Venema

As Frozen Mountain’s CEO, Jerod is passionate about applying real-time communications technology to find innovative solutions to business problems. Jerod is continuously engaged in ensuring each and every customer receives the highest quality products and service from our team and is always excited to explore and satisfy the unique requirements of each new project.