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Number of Concurrent Participants
One Time License Fee

(Per Concurrent Participant2)

Monthly Support & Updates Fee3

(Per Concurrent Participant2, paid Annually)

First 100 (min 50)
Next 400
Next 1,000
Next 3,500

1 If concurrent pricing is not compatible with your revenue model, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

2 The number of participants actively streaming audio/video through the LiveSwitch Server at any instant. Peer-to-peer calls do not require any concurrency. For pricing where the number of concurrent participants exceeds 5,000, please contact us.

3 Support & Updates pricing is based on concurrency to better reflect the timeliness and effort required to support your customer base as it scales. All customers receive the same premium level of support.

4 Number of concurrent participants may only be decreased on the anniversary of your annual contract, but may be increased at any time by purchasing additional participants.



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One Time License Fee - Single Developer
One Time License Fee - 8 or More Developers
Basic Support
Premium Support
$999 per developer
$499 per developer
$499 per developer annually
$999 per developer annually
WebSync OEM
$2,999 per developer
$1,499 per developer
$499 per developer annually
$999 per developer annually

A developer is defined as a person who uses the SDKs for development. Licenses may be shared between developers, provided they are not in use at the same time. OEM licensing is required when you license your entire application to a 3rd party and they execute it in their environments.

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WebSync Cloud

Per Concurrent User
WebSync Cloud

The monthly cost of WebSync Cloud is based on the maximum number of concurrent users you have. Each account receives 10 concurrent users free.  Billing is performed automatically each month.

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Special Support Options for Qualified Customers

Recognizing that some customers require special support options that go beyond normal support, Frozen Mountain offers two additional support options for our customers.

White Labeling

For customers who use our products in an environment in which they wish us to be "invisible", we offer a white label option of our JavaScript and Safari/OSX plug-ins that use a customer's logo and file names. The fee for this is $2K USD per year.

Source Escrow

We fully intend to be in business for a long time, but understand if your organization requires a greater degree of security. For qualified customers we offer source access to every one of our product builds that ensures you are safe should anything happen to Frozen Mountain. You may use the source to do a test-build, but other than that you may not use it unless you decide we are unable to provide "business reasonable" support. The fee for this is $10k USD per year.

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Basic Support
Premium Support
Forum Support
Email Support
Phone Escalation
Web Meeting Escalation
Emergency Bug Fixes
Max Initial Response Time
2-3 Business Days
1 Business Day
1 Business Day
Lifetime Licensing
$499/Developer Annually
$999/Developer Annually
Per Concurrent Participant

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