LiveSwitch Pricing


  • LiveSwitch has an initial startup fee plus a monthly usage-based licensing subscription fee, both of which cover your whole organization.
  • LiveSwitch’s monthly licensing subscription fee is an ongoing charge that enables technical support and access to all LiveSwitch updates.
  • The LiveSwitch licensing subscription charge is applied monthly, with your choice of two options:

1. Per-minute Pricing

2. Peak Concurrency Pricing

  • Per-minute pricing charges your account for the number of minutes each connected participant is streaming audio/video.
  • Peak concurrency pricing charges are based on the maximum number of users that were simultaneously streaming during the month. The maximum number of concurrent users is typically much smaller than the total number of users that stream in any given month. 
  • You may change your choice of pricing option at any time at it will become effective for the following month.  Not sure which one you need? Contact Us.


One Time Startup Fee: $4,9991

Monthly Licensing Fee2
Option 1 Per Minute Per Participant3
Minutes Per Month5
$ / Minute
Under 5,000
First 100,000
Next 400,000
Next 1,000,000
Over 1,500,000
Option 2 Peak Concurrent Participants3
Peak Concurrency4
$ / Participant
Under 5
First 100
Next 400
Next 1,000
Over 1,500

1.  Includes initial support while customer is getting started with development.

2.  Includes usage licensing, ongoing support, and product upgrades.

3.  A participant is a client actively sending or receiving media in a session.

4.  Concurrency is the number of simultaneously connected participants.  Concurrency is measured using the high-water mark each month.

5.  Measured as the length of time a client is actively sending and/or receiving media.


Frozen Mountain attempts to align our pricing with customer revenue models. If the above models do not work for you, please contact us.

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  • Your monthly LiveSwitch licensing fee includes the support outlined in the table below:


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