WebSync Pricing


  • WebSync is licensed per Developer Seat with an initial one-time license fee plus an annual support subscription.  Additional license seats may be purchased at any time. 
  • If WebSync is purchased with IceLink, a 50% discount is applied to the WebSync price.
  • WebSync’s support subscription is an ongoing annual charge based on the number of developer seats you have purchased. 


    • Your support subscription enables access to technical support as well as each new WebSync release
    • The support subscription is mandatory for the first year and can be renewed each subsequent years. 
    • If you cancel support at any time after the first year, you will be able to continue to download WebSync– but only versions released prior to the date that you cancelled your support.
  • WebSync support is available in two levels – Basic and Premium – each offering unique benefits defined by the table below.
  • Not sure which one you need? Contact Us.


One Time License Fee - Single Developer
$1,499 per developer
One Time License Fee - 8 or More Developers
$999 per developer
Basic Support
$749 per developer annually
Premium Support
$1,499 per developer annually

A developer is defined as a person who uses the SDKs for development. Licenses may be shared between developers, provided they are not in use at the same time. Contact Us if you are licensing your application to a 3rd party, if a 3rd party will execute your application using the SDK in their environment, or if developing an OEM application.

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WebSync Cloud Pricing


  • Want us to host your WebSync server?  - We can do that!  WebSync Cloud is priced per concurrent connected user. 
  • Attempted connection attempts that exceed the maximum purchased concurrency may be rejected.  Additional concurrency may be purchased at any time.
  • The WebSync Cloud access charge is securely and automatically billed monthly to your credit card.
  • Need help choosing between WebSync and WebSync Cloud? Contact Us.



WebSync Cloud Pricing

WebSync Cloud

WebSync Cloud
Per Concurrent User

The monthly cost of WebSync Cloud is based on the maximum number of concurrent users you have. Each account receives 10 concurrent users free.  Billing is performed automatically each month.

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Support Options


  • Your Basic and Premium Support subscription include the features outlined in the table below: 


Support Options


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