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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Massively flexible video, voice and messaging.

Break the boundaries of what's possible with video using LiveSwitch's unparalleled flexibility and massive scalability. 

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LiveSwitch WebRTC Server For Flexible Video

Build exactly what you want

Bring your ideas to life without compromising your vision. LiveSwitch's powerful APIs were designed with flexibility in mind so that you are never limited by your video platform.  

"It was an easy choice. LiveSwitch was the only video conferencing product on the market that met all our requirements. We needed an SDK for Android and iOS that would provide superior performance and that is exactly what we got."

Alain Back, Senior Account Manager,  TalkEvent

Build Application With Video and Voice Messaging

Create cost-optimized connections

Only pay for the connection quality you need. LiveSwitch intelligently changes connections types within conferences so that you can be confident that your conferences are always optimized for quality and cost.

Pay For What You Use Live Video Streaming

Video without Limits

Connect anyone, anywhere to rich and reliable video experiences. From small-scale conferences to massive live broadcasts, LiveSwitch can handle it all.

Ultimate Flexible Live Video Streaming Software

Streamlined server management

DevOps just got easier. With LiveSwitch's powerful configuration console, developers and DevOps teams can easily manage your servers, applications, and channels with just a click of a button.

Simon Davies

"Working with the Frozen Mountain team has been nothing but a positive experience. Setting up and developing with LiveSwitch was straightforward. We were able to get our app up and running very quickly."

Simon Davies, Product Manager, Novari Health

LiveSwitch Server Management Capabilities

Want us to manage the infrastructure for you? 

Check out LiveSwitch Cloud for powerful but low-maintenance live video streaming and analytics that gets you and your team started faster.

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LiveSwitch Cloud - WebRTC in the Cloud

Complete Cross-Platform Interoperability

Access full support for the widest range of platforms so that you can easily create applications for all of the devices and platforms your customers use now - and the future.

Reduce Development Costs

Learn the API once and easily build out applications for other platforms. 

LiveSwitch connects to the most platforms

Future Proof Your  Roadmap 

Build for the devices that your customers use now and protect for everything coming next. 

Server Geo-distribution.

With LiveSwitch's Regionality feature you can connect clients to geo-located clusters interconnected with high speed backbones. Reduce latency and improve your users' experience - we take care of the tough stuff.

Regionality Feature for Server Geo-Distribution

Let's get technical

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WebRTC + Telephony 

Allow your users to seamlessly dial into WebRTC-based video conferences with VoIP, SIP, or h323-based phones and legacy devices.


liveswitch embedded TURN icon

Embedded TURN Server

Handle complex NAT Traversal by automatically spinning up an embedded TURN server.  Simplify your DevOps workload.

liveswitch Hybrid icon

Hybrid Connections 

Seamlessly transition between P2P, SFU and MCU connections within a single conference for optimal performance and cost optimization.


liveswitch media pipeline icon

Media Pipeline Access

Fully customize the media pipeline  (eg. capture, encode, packetize, send, receive, depacketize, decode, display) and open up powerful customization opportunities.

liveswitch recording icon


Easily record individual, multiple or mixed streams in real-time for archiving and post-processing. 

liveswitch webhook icon

Flexible Webhooks

Monitor and intercept messages at any part of the eventing system with flexible webhooks.

liveswitch datachannel broadcast icon

Data channel broadcast

Broadcast data to all users without using additional bandwidth - an industry first!

liveswitch security icon


Achieve full compliance with TURN-S, TCP, DTLS and JSON Web Token based authentication.

liveswitch transcoding icon


Transcode media into a compatible format with intelligent codec selection so that all devices on all platforms can communicate with each other.

liveswitch simulcast icon


Optimize your conferences by simultaneously sending different qualities (bitrate, frame rate, resolution) of the same media based on the end-users' available bandwidth.

liveswitch bandwidth adaptation icon

Bandwidth Adaptation

Automatically adjust each user's bitrate to provide the highest quality user experience for each participant. 

liveswitch transcoding icon


Deployable using Docker and Kubernetes to scale your capacity up and down with your business needs.  

Your server.  Your way.

Deploy your infrastructure wherever you want. Whether you prefer to install it in your own datacenter or on a cloud computing platform such as AWS, Azure or Oracle  - the choice is yours. 

windows server

Windows Server


linux server icon (purple)



Icelink - Device pattern (lighter opacity)

See the SDK in action


Start coding

Installation made simple.

Get going fast with an install that takes only a few clicks. Easily provision a LiveSwitch Server image - Now available in the OCI Marketplace.


Ready to get flexible?

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