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At Frozen Mountain we understand that you may not always have the Real Time Communications expertise you need within your own team. To accelerate your projects, Frozen Mountain offers three unique levels of Professional Services to assist in the development of your applications.


iRTC Architecture Assessments

Confused about the various Real Time Communications options out there? Not sure what architecture is best for your solution? Struggling to estimate the cost of adding audio/video to your applications?

You're not the only one. Today's Real Time Communications landscape provides numerous solutions and choosing the best one for your specific needs can be a daunting task.

Frozen Mountain’s iRTC Assessment is here to help you through these questions. The iRTC Assessment is designed to provide answers to many of your questions including:  


  • What is the end goal of your Real Time Communications project?
  • What are the desired platforms?

      -  Browsers? Native platforms? 3rd party products?

  • What is the best iRTC Architecture?

      -  Allowable data loss? Streaming vs. non-streaming? 1-way vs 2 way?

  • What outside integration requirements are there?

      -  VoIP? Broadcasting? Recording?

  • What is the estimated cost?


After completing an iRTC Assessment you will have a path forward that includes the best architecture, a development cost estimate based on our experience, and much more. iRTC Assessments provide a document that analyzes your needs and defines your project goals and project plan.

iRTC Architecture Assessments cost $5,000 USD. They are carried out by a Frozen Mountain Senior Architect working together with you.

Contact us today to get your iRTC project assessment started.


iRTC FastStart

Ready to start on your project using our products, but the areas of iRTC including WebRTC are still new to you? Looks like everything should work but you want to have a POC just to make sure? Wish you temporarily could have a senior developer on your team who is a true iRTC expert to get you started quickly?

Frozen Mountain’s iRTC FastStart does just that. We provide you with a Senior Developer experienced in iRTC development using Frozen Mountain’s products. Our FastStart developers are experienced iRTC, senior developers who will both guide your developers as well as write code themselves.

Backed by the rest of our Professional Services and Product Development team, our FastStart developers provide you with expertise that has taken us years to develop – and you get it all for a whole week!

FastStarts span 5 business days for a cost of $7,500 USD.

Contact us today to get your iRTC FastStart underway.


iRTC Projects

At Frozen Mountain we understand that on many occasions an organization does not have their own internal resources to carry out a complete Real Time Communications development project with unique requirements within a tight timeline.

The Frozen Mountain Professional Services team of senior developers and project managers are here to help. Whether creating a component of your application, developing the alpha version for your own development team to make production ready, or developing your complete end-to-end application, our professional services team of iRTC experts is here to help you make your application development a success!

Our Professional Services team has successfully helped many customers with projects ranging from 1 month to several years.  We can help you too.

Contact us today to discuss your unique project needs.

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