High Volume Non-Streaming Data Transfer
for Signaling, Chat, Whiteboards and Data Synchronization

High-Volume iRTC for Non-Streaming Applications

WebSync is a high performance, high volume .NET server that makes it easy to add non-streaming real-time functionality such as text chat, signaling/connection management (including for audio/video calls), diagnostic data transfer and server-side content pushing to your applications. 


The WebSync Solution

WebSync operates using an HTML bi-directional communication link based on WebSockets that falls back to other approaches when WebSockets is not available. WebSync provides client APIs that support many different browser clients including Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE and Edge as well as native clients including .NET, Java, iOS, Android and Xamarin. The WebSync server component also generates many different events that can be used to provide extra features such as authorization and traffic review/modification. 

In addition to being designed for Microsoft's platform and being very simple to use and integrate, WebSync has incredible performance benefits, and supports server clustering and cross-instance load balancing.

As a standard, you can connect over 30,000 users with over 100,000 messages being delivered per second. Now those are numbers you can work with!


Combining WebSync with IceLink

WebSync and IceLink together provide the complete solution for Internet Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC).

IceLink is designed to handle large volumes of data streaming such as audio/video and file transfer, and WebSync is designed to handle high volumes of short messages.

WebSync and IceLink are often used together, and when they are, they provide a complete audio/video solution. WebSync provides the connection management (signaling) over HTTP/WebSockets, which is perfect for non-streaming data transmission, and IceLink provides the peer-to-peer compression/decompression, encryption, and media streaming over UDP, which is perfect for streaming data transmission.


WebSync Applications

WebSync is used worldwide by Fortune 500 companies as well as US Fortune 100 companies. These companies have used WebSync for many diverse applications, including:

  • As an engine for real-time text chat pushing changes made by one client to many other clients.
  • As an engine to push out real-time bids on live auction sites without users have to re-submit in their browsers.
  • As an engine to push out real-time stock quotes pushing changes from a server to any other client that is logged in.
  • As an engine for real-time whiteboards, pushing changes made on one whiteboard to everyone else's whiteboard.
  • As a signaling engine with IceLink to provide a complete audio/video conferencing experience (iRTC).


No Run-Time Fees

WebSync is licensed on a per developer basis for a one-time fee. This allows you to use WebSync as much as you want in production without having to worry about extra costs. Our support subscriptions, also based on number of developers, provide product help, bug fixes and ongoing version updates.

Prefer to have us run the WebSync server while you incorporate the WebSync clients into your application? WebSync Cloud has been running for years with greater than 99.9% uptime. For more information on WebSync and WebSync Cloud pricing, 
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  • Deliver hundreds of thousands of updates per second with every instance of WebSync.


  • WebSync just works; no complicated setup procedures and no firewall issues.

Broad Platform Support

  • WebSync includes client libraries for JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, Mac, Mono, .NET, .NET Compact, Silverlight, Unity, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xamarin. Android, and Xamarin.iOS, as well as server support for Mono, .NET, and PHP.


  • WebSync runs on IIS with .NET, Apache with Mono, or as an embedded server.

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  • Proper port-80 WebSockets are automatic for all client platforms when using IIS 8.

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