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Internet-Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC) is much more than just WebRTC. It’s an overall architecture that includes both streaming and non-streaming data transmission, defining a complete real-time communications solution.  

Non-streaming iRTC applications send bursts of data over guaranteed delivery networks. Common use cases include text chat, diagnostic data transmission, browser synchronization, and audio/video conference signaling. Data is typically sent through a central server to which all endpoints connect.

Streaming iRTC encompasses all applications where high volume data is sent, typically over unreliable networks. Common use cases include audio calling, video chat, sensor data collection, and live media broadcast. Data can be streamed directly between endpoints (peer-to-peer – P2P) or through a central server that either forwards packet data (selective forwarding – SFU) or mixed decoded media (multipoint control – MCU).

When dealing with any form of real-time communication that is internet-based, it is important to recognize that there are multiple components to any solution – each with its own specific capabilities. iRTC from Frozen Mountain provides the complete solution for all your real-time communication needs. For more information on any of the iRTC components, click on the boxes below.

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