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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Powerfully flexible video for small conferences

Gain the highest level of control over your video applications so that you can build the exact user experience that you want. 

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IceLink Flexible Video SDK for Small Conferences

Why use IceLink?

Save Time With Single Cross Platform API

Save Time

Save time with a single-cross platform API. Learn it once and then easily build out new applications for web, iOS, Android and more. 

Customizable Media Pipeline

Media pipeline access

Fully customize the media pipeline to receive media from any point and open up powerful customization opportunities.

Peer To Peer Conferencing with IceLink


Create real-time peer-to-peer audio and video connections within your applications. Perfect for 2 to 3 participants.

“We were first drawn to IceLink due to its flexibility. We needed to have access to the full media pipeline API so that we could build what we wanted, and we needed it to work on all devices —especially iOS, and that is what Icelink gave us.”

Mathias Westmark
Chief of Innovation, Appinux

Choose your own WebRTC Signaling

Use your own signalling server or bundle with WebSync to get started quickly with signalling, text chat, data transfer and more.

WebRTC Signaling

Truly Cross-Platform




Breathe easy with enterprise-grade security including DTLS, perfect forward secrecy and end-to-end AES-128bit encryption. 

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Flexible APIs

Discover the benefit of IceLink's flexible APIs which allow you to customize the video experience in any way you want.

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Screen sharing

Built-in support for screen sharing for web, .NET, iOS, Android and Mac applications. 

Audio Detection

Gain access to the exact audio levels of all streams in real-time with just one line of code.

WebRTC Out-of-the-Box

Spend less time learning the entire WebRTC stack, and more time developing great apps.  With our products you can get started faster.

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Full support for the widest range of platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, iOS, Android, Windows,  Linux, and Xamarin.

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Powerful Options for Everyone.

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Mic / Camera / Speaker Management check_mark_green checkmark_purple checkmark-blue
Scalable Sessions Sizes Yes Yes No
Max Session Size 30,000* 50 per CPU core ~4 (P2P mesh)
Device CPU Limited
Basic WebRTC GetStats check_mark_green checkmark-purple checkmark-blue
Client SDKs for all Platforms check_mark_green checkmark-purple checkmark-blue
VP8, VP9, h264
Video Codecs
check_mark_green checkmark-purple checkmark-blue
Opus, g711, g722, PCMU, PCMA Audio Codecs check_mark_green checkmark-purple checkmark-blue
Full Media Pipeline API Access check_mark_green checkmark-purple checkmark-blue
Dynamic Connection Types
check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Built-in WebRTC Signalling check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Server-side Recording Call for Details checkmark-purple  
Chat Messaging API check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
SIP Telephony Integration Coming Soon checkmark-purple  
h323 Telephony Integration Call for Details Call for Details  
Geo-distribution Call for Details checkmark-purple  
Enhanced WebRTC Stats check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Embedded STUN & TURN check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Integrated STUN/TURN Security check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Simulcast check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Automatic Transcoding check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
On-event Webhooks check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Integrated Connection Safeguarding check_mark_green checkmark-purple  
Managed Infrastructure check_mark_green    
Real-time Telemetry check_mark_green    
System Dashboard check_mark_green    

All the Flexibility of IceLink - but at massive scale.

Extend and future proof your roadmap with live video, analytics, and telephony for larger sessions and bigger groups.

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