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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Multi-party virtual reality has never been this accessible.

Create the collaborative virtual and augmented reality experiences that you want without worrying about data streaming limitations.

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Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences With WebRTC

Interactive multi-party experiences on all devices.

Easily build the true-to-life, shared experiences that you want, on the devices that you want. 

Whether you are building for virtual reality headsets, augmented reality devices, or even smart glasses, LiveSwitch's extensive cross platform support and powerful hybrid server architecture allows your users to share their virtual worlds and experiences with friends and co-workers in real-time.

Interactive Multiparty Experiences For Augmented and Virtual Reality

Transfer any sort of data

Reliably and securely transmit any type of data including coordinates, mesh data, depth, color, metadata and spatial audio.

LiveSwitch's powerful, real-time data streaming capabilities make it easy to build immersive virtual reality experiences that will wow your customers.

High Quality Data Transfer for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

Need help adding collaborative multi-party capabilities your AR or VR application?

Let our team of experts help.
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Social virtual and augmented reality.

Create experiences that will keep them coming back for more with the most powerful and flexible WebRTC-based product in the industry. 

AR VR Low Latency-1

Low-Latency Voice, Video, and Data

Create more immersive VR experiences with ultra low latency voice, video, and data transfer - no more lags. 


Data Stream Broadcasting To VR Participants

Data Stream Broadcasting

Broadcast volumetric data and spatial audio to every participant in a VR/AR experience without using more source device CPU power - an industry first.

Licence Free Codec For Flexible Video Software



Add audio and video to your application without incurring ongoing codec licensing expenses. 



Truly Cross-Platform

“We needed partners that could help us solve key XR challenges. By working in close collaboration with these partners, like Frozen Mountain, we’ve been able to build AR FieldAdvisor for the Nreal Light glasses.”

Terry Schussler
Terry Schussler - Senior Director, Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom

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Discover how Frozen Mountain's powerful voice, video and data transfer capabilities can help you add interactive multi-party experiences to your virtual and augmented reality worlds.

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