Real-Time Communication
Solutions for Application Development

  The Problem

Products such as Skype and FaceTime are great for simple one-to-one or small group conversations. However when you want to have the same capabilities seamlessly integrated into your own application, these will not work. You need the functionality of Skype, but tied seamlessly into your application.

Our Solution

LiveSwitch allows you to incorporate server-based multiparty audio/video streaming into your application your way.

Using LiveSwitch for chat, signaling, media transmission and screensharing, you can add real-time communication to any application. Already have your own signaling, such as SIP? No problem, LiveSwitch works with that too. By making use of LiveSwitch's event triggers and quality feedback, you can create applications that adjust to environmental factors to provide custom and unique user experiences.

Your application provides the user interface and is the driver for the chat, audio/video transfer, screen sharing, signaling, browser synchronization, whiteboarding, and file transfer capabilities provided by LiveSwitch.

LiveSwitch includes all the power of multiparty WebRTC media streaming and signaling in one complete package, ideal for server-based real-time applications.

Expert WebRTC Application Design and Development

Frozen Mountain specializes in the development of WebRTC web and mobile applications based on the latest technology and covering a wide variety of platforms. We provide services at multiple levels, including WebRTC architecture design, third party product integration and WebRTC application development.


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Frozen Mountain's products provide ease of use similar to a PaaS offering, but with the flexibility you can only get with SDKs. Combined, they’re the best of both worlds for creating custom RTC application solutions for our clients.

Lantre Barr, CEO & Founder, Blacc Spot Media