WebRTC Architecture Assessments WebRTC Architecture Assessments

Confused about the various Real-Time Communications options out there? Not sure what architecture is best for your solution? Struggling to estimate the cost of adding audio/video to your applications?

You're not the only one. Today's Real-Time Communications landscape provides numerous solutions and choosing the best one for your specific needs can be a daunting task.

Frozen Mountain’s WebRTC Assessment is here to help you through these questions.  A Frozen Mountain Architecture Assessment is designed to provide guidance for many of your common questions such as:   

  • What is the end goal of your Real-Time Communications project?
  • What are the required platforms, and what are the consequences of supporting those platforms?
  • What is the most cost effective architecture for my use case?  Peer-to-peer?  Selective Forwarding?  Multi-point Control mixing?
  • What external integration opportunities are there?  SIP telephony?  iOT devices?
  • What are the approximate development costs for my project?

After completing an architecture assessment our Professional Services team will provide you a path forward that includes the best architecture, a development cost estimate, and much more. Architecture assessments provide a document that analyzes your needs and defines your project goals and project plan.

Contact us today to get your WebRTC architecture assessment started.