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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Is your real-time communications project on the right track?

Avoid costly mistakes and project delays in your software development process. 

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Reviewing WebRTC System Architecture for Optimization

Review your system architecture

Say good-bye to inefficiencies in your system architecture.

Evaluating Code For Security and Privacy

Evaluate your code

Fortify your code with help from our team of real-time communication specialists.

WebRTC Project Assessment and Needs Analysis

Assess full project needs

Eliminate costly surprises down the road by allowing our team of experts to objectively assess your project.

Great projects are built on a solid foundation.

Turn your concepts and ideas into reality with a roadmap provided by our team. Get started with an initial design to make sure you're on the right track.

Building Blocks of a Great WebRTC Project

What You Get With Discovery

Answers to any questions you may have about delivering a live video application.

A comprehensive project review to assess your project's capabilities and minimize risks.

A roadmap from the experts of WebRTC to transform your ideas into reality.

Our expertise. Your project.

Tap into the great minds at Frozen Mountain when you start a project with us.


Develop in Swift, Objective C, or Xamarin: it's your choice.


Seamlessly add Android compatibility in your live video application.

macOS Icon


Effortlessly develop your application for macOS to reach more users. 


Make your live video and chat application work on the Windows/.NET framework.

Backend Dev

Leverage our back-end development capabilities with your Fast Start service.

App Development

Integrate a developer from Frozen Mountain into your team on a full-time or part-time basis. 


Take a hands-off approach to managing your software development team with the expertise of our DevOps specialists.

System Architects

Avoid costly mistakes from inefficient systems by consulting our experienced system architects.

Develop for all platforms.

Don't be boxed into development for a specific browser or hardware. 


Develop your live video application for Chrome. It doesn't get much simpler than that. 


Don't be limited to development for a single browser. Make your application work with Firefox.


Add Safari compatibility for your application easily with help from our professional services team.


Make your live video, voice, and messaging application compatible with Internet Explorer. 


Develop cutting-edge live video, voice, and messaging applications that are compatible with Edge.


Don't be boxed in. Implement cross-platform functionality for all browsers, including Opera. 

HoloLens Dark-1


Simulate realistic video, voice, and messaging experiences across AR/VR devices such as HoloLens. 

Magic Leap Dark 2


Make multiparty augmented reality experiences possible with MagicLeap integration. 

Google Glasses

Enable powerful voice, video, and messaging features in your Google Glass project. 


Enable SIP and H.323 for your video conferencing needs. Dialling into a conference has never been easier.

Medical Devices

Seamlessly transfer data from stethoscopes, otoscopes, EKGs, and more to your application.

Raspberry Pi

Integrate powerful voice and video capabilities in your embedded hardware.

"The amazing people at Frozen Mountain take the idea of a partnership to the next level. As the leader of multiple development teams, they earned my trust and respect by consistently and reliably delivering superior service in the form of quality products, customer-focused support, and a friendly 'can-do' mindset."

Steve Berry

Steve Berry
Director of Platform Development, OnCourse Learning

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