WebRTC Projects WebRTC Projects

At Frozen Mountain we understand that on many occasions an organization does not have their own internal resources to carry out a complete Real-Time Communications development project with unique requirements within a tight timeline.   The Frozen Mountain Professional Services team of senior developers and project managers are here to help.

  • Replacement of Adobe Flash streaming
  • End-to-end rollout of customized on-premise / private cloud video conferencing solutions
  • Complex websites, mobile apps, native Windows, Linux, & macOS apps, all with real-time video
  • Adding live video streaming to virtual & augmented reality devices  
  • Live large scale ultra-low latency broadcasting use cases
  • Integration of WebRTC with SIP-based telephony

Whether creating a component of your application, developing the alpha version for your own development team to make production ready, or developing your complete end-to-end application, our professional services team of WebRTC experts is here to help you make your application development a success!

Our Professional Services team has successfully helped many customers with projects ranging from 1 month to several years.  We can help you too.

Contact us today to discuss your unique project needs.