WebRTC FastStart WebRTC FastStart

Ready to begin your project using our products, but certain aspects of WebRTC are still new to you? Looks like everything should work but you want to have a POC just to make sure? Wish you temporarily could have a senior developer on your team who is a true WebRTC expert to get you started quickly?  Frozen Mountain’s FastStart does just that.  

  • Provides you with a dedicated senior WebRTC developer for 1 week,
  • Expert development with Frozen Mountain’s products,
  • Guide your developers as well as write code themselves,
  • Work side-by-side with our developers on-site at our offices or bring our developers to your site,
  • Setup development environments, build POCs, integrate with your existing codebase, and much more...    

Backed by the rest of our Professional Services and Product Development team, our FastStart developers provide you with expertise that has taken us years to develop – and you get it all for a whole week!

Contact us today to get your WebRTC FastStart underway.