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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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We build the live video application you want, how you want it.

Your customers want the best. Our Professional Services team can make it happen.  

Custom Live Video Application Development

Develop elegant solutions to complex problems.

As WebRTC specialists, we've helped hundreds of clients develop elegant solutions to complex problems across all devices, platforms, and verticals. 


Launch HIPPA compliant telehealth applications. Enable remote patient care. Assure emergency care correspondence. Stream biometric data. Integrate with any medical device of your choice.

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Virtual Classrooms

Create one-on-one tutoring environments. Easily manage classrooms with custom features. Encourage collaboration with real-time whiteboarding. Invigilate exams.

More Virtual Classroom Solutions

Customer Service

Enable remote call center operations and eCommerce site support. Meet GDPR requirements for video banking services. Provide unprecedented levels of customer service.

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Broadcast ultra sub-second low latency video streams across all platforms, anywhere. Launch live video apps for online auctions, gambling, stock markets, webinars, and e-sports. We can build it all.

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Create virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality applications that work cross-platform. We can help you embed live video into your remote assistance or field service applications.

More VR/AR/XR Solutions


Move entire communication workflows online with telephony integrations. Integrate with the widest range of SIP providers and H.323 devices. Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Cisco UCM and Jabber integrations, and more.

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Expert WebRTC and Live Streaming Support from Frozen Mountain

Expert help at your fingertips.

Our team of developers, architects, and DevOps specialists are here for you every step of the way. Developing a proof of concept, releasing an app to the world, or scaling up to accommodate more users has just gotten easier. 

Frozen Mountain saved us many months of development effort getting WebRTC natively working across all devices.  -  Anthony Duca, Founder & CEO, Cavrnus

We've got you covered.

Looking for a solution to a specific problem? We're ready to help.

Video Streaming UI and Recording Formats

Custom Live Video UI and Recording

Move entire communication workflows online and redefine what video conferencing interfaces can look like. Add custom video and audio recordings.
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SIP H323 Configurations with WebRTC Solutions

SIP & H.323 Integrations

Connect WebRTC with modern SIP providers and legacy H.323 devices and get your application doing more with the most diverse range of telephony integrations.

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Replacements for Adobe Flash, Kurento, and Jitsi

WebRTC and Flash Replacement

Replace open-source or outdated live video technologies with best-in-class solutions provided by the leaders of WebRTC. 
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Video AI and Analytic Solutions

AI & Analytics Integrations

Real-time face recognition, object detection, sentiment analysis, gaze tracking, keyword detection, and live translation capabilities have never been more possible. We'll build it for you.
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Embedded WebRTC In Hardware and Devices

Embedded Hardware

Embed WebRTC into any IP camera, AR/VR/XR device, or third-party live streaming service and implement hardware acceleration in your WebRTC-based application. 
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Got Something Bigger In Mind?

Start the conversation with our Professional Services team today.

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Flexible Teams for Professional Software Development
Flexible Teams for Professional Software Development

The right team makes all the difference.

Whether you're a start-up, small business, or a multinational corporation, we have the perfect team to help you accomplish your project. Integrate a technical developer from Frozen Mountain into your existing team or bring onboard an entire team to tackle tough challenges. Your choice. 

Our expertise. Your project.

Tap into the great minds at Frozen Mountain when you start a project with us.


Develop in Swift, Objective C, or Xamarin: it's your choice.


Seamlessly add Android compatibility in your live video application.

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Effortlessly develop your app for macOS to reach more users.


Make your live video and chat application work on the Windows/.NET framework.

Backend Dev

Leverage our back-end development capabilities with your Fast Start, Discovery, or Projects service.

App Development

Integrate a technical developer from Frozen Mountain into your existing team on a full-time or part-time basis. 


Take a hands-off approach to managing your software development team with the expertise of our DevOps specialists.

System Architects

Avoid costly mistakes from inefficient systems by consulting our experienced system architects.

Find your fit.

Tailored Professional Services solutions for every development stage.


I want to launch my application faster than ever before.

Your Fit: Fast Start
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I want help analyzing and designing the perfect system.

Your Fit: Discovery

Got something bigger in mind?

Your Fit: Projects

Bring your live video application to life. Share your vision for a feature to enhance your existing application or tell us about the application you've always wanted to build and launch. We can get the job done for you and see to it that the final product is everything you've asked for, and more. 

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  • Retain full ownership of your intellectual property
  • Ongoing support after completion of the project*
  • Get your application built right the first time
  • And more, for your specific use case

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Get unblocked by our Professional Services team. We've got you covered.

Custom Video and Audio Recording File Formats

Add Video and Audio Recordings

Adobe Flash Replacement

Adobe Flash Replacement

Embedded WebRTC in Android Hardware

Android-Based Hardware 

Connect to Asterisk's  IP PBXs and Voip Gateways

Asterisk Integration

Attentiveness Tracking AI

Attentiveness Tracking

Blurring Backgrounds in Video AI

Background Blurring

Integrations with Cisco UCM

Cisco UCM Integration

Cisco Jabber Integrations

Cisco Jabber Integration

WebRTC Audio and Video Codec Formats

Custom Audio and Video Codecs

Custom UI Layouts for Video Conferences

Custom UI Layouts

WebRTC Signalling and Messaging

Custom WebRTC Signaling & Messaging

Integrations with Integration

Face Detection AI

Face Detection

Anonymizing Faces in Video

Face Anonymization

Integrate with Flowroute

Flowroute Integration

WebRTC with FreeSwitch

FreeSwitch Integration

Track Audience Gaze In Video

Gaze Tracking

Implement Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration Implementation

Verify Identities in Video Streams with AI

Identity Verification

Embed WebRTC in IP Cameras, Surveillance

IP Camera to WebRTC

Detect Keywords in Speech AI

Keyword Detection

On-Premise WebRTC Solutions

Lift and Shift from Other Platforms

Detect Motion in Video AI

Motion Detection

Detect Objects and Brand in Video Feeds

Object and Brand Detection

Replace Jitsi and Kurento WebRTC Platforms

Open Source Replacement

Dial Into WebRTC Conferences Using Polycom

Polycom Video Phone Integrations

WebRTC In Raspberry Pi Hardware

Raspberry Pi Hardware

Integrate with Radvision

Radvision Video Conference Integrations

Analyze Sentiment in Video Users

Sentiment Analysis

Assistive Remote Field Service with WebRTC Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses Integration

Recognize Speech Patterns

Speech Pattern Recognition

Link WebRTC Broadcasts to Third-Party Streaming SErvices

Third-Party Streaming Services

Live Translations for all Languages in Video Conference

Translate Live

Embed WebRTC Streaming in Hololens and MagicLeap

Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets

Connect with Voxbone SDKs and APIs

Voxbone Integration

"Working with the Frozen Mountain team has been nothing but a positive experience. We were able to get our app up and running very quickly."
Simon Davies

Simon Davies
Product Manager at Novari Health

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