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Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
Secure Video Conferencing LiveSwitch Cloud
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Stand out from the crowd with interactive live streaming. 

Wow your viewers. Add live audience interaction and sub-second latency to your video broadcasts. 

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Livestream Video Broadcasting with Sub-Second Latency

Connect with your audience on a massive scale. 

No Lag Mass Video Broadcasting



Create lightening fast live streams to large audiences.  The ultimate real-time broadcast experience - no more lagging.


Interactive Video Broadcasting To Engage Users



Drive user engagement by adding live audience interactivity to your live broadcasts.

Broadcast Optimized Videos to Audiences Around The World



Connect with audiences anywhere in the world with live broadcasting that self-optimizes for all internet connections.



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Live Auctions 

Open up your auctions to new bidders around the world with a truly real-time virtual auction experience.

LiveSwitch's ultra-low latency video and data transfer allows you to reliably track bids online without worrying about glass-to-glass lag time. 

Low Latency Live Auction WebRTC Project


Interactive gaming

Build an interactive gaming experience that allows spectators to interact and watch their favorite gamers play online.

LiveSwitch's flexible design allows you to add text chat, video commentary and more for the ultimate gaming experience. Perfect for eSports, gaming leagues and trivia games.

380 million people worldwide will

watch eSports this year.

Broadcast eSports to the Masses With LiveSwitch


Online Wagering 

In the world of online gambling, close to real-time isn't going to cut it. When your bets absolutely, positively need to be delivered in real-time - choose LiveSwitch.

LiveSwitch's unique hybrid architecture was designed to dynamically change connection types to ensure the reliable delivery of critical data and video in real-time, every time.

Online Gambling and Bet Placing Video Application
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“With Frozen Mountain, we've been able to build an incredible virtual exchange platform that fosters cross-cultural dialogue and inclusiveness among young people. Our Connect program joins diverse groups of students from around the world with live video to build trust, understanding and new opportunities. ”

Hany El Mokadem
Director of Information Technology, Soliya

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Discover how you can add  low latency WebRTC-based broadcasting and streaming to your application.

Broadcasting Content Offer White Paper from Frozen Mountain

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