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Leaders in Internet Real Time Communications Solutions (iRTC)

Our Company

Started in 2008 and having grown to over 300 customers in 47 countries worldwide, Frozen Mountain provides cross-platform, licensed Internet Based Real-Time Communication (iRTC) SDKs and services that allow your organization to incorporate WebRTC audio/video streaming, selective forwarding, audio/video mixing, screen sharing, call signaling, text chat, shared whiteboards, browser synchronization and internet pub/sub messaging into your applications.

At Frozen Mountain, we develop our products with an "ear-to-the-ground" approach that ensures we are providing solutions that are relevant and effective in meeting business needs in a world of evolving technology. We work very closely with our clients and partners, helping them to establish an understanding of their own needs and how their requirements can be realized in a modern connected architecture. This approach simultaneously gives users the rich experience they have come to demand and provides clients with a maintainable, extensible, and therefore cost-effective, application solution.

Our Team

Our team of over thirty iRTC professionals is led by two brothers, Jerod and Anton Venema, who have a passion for real-time communications technology. Located in both the United States and Canada, the very core of our business relies on the communication and collaboration made possible by our own products. We are truly passionate about iRTC!

Our Values

We are committed to building and maintaining trustworthy relationships with our partners, colleagues, and customers, as well as keeping an active presence in the wider development community. Our employees are encouraged to contribute to open source projects related to our areas of expertise. The community is a part of our family, and we want to treat it that way.

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Jerod Venema

COO and VP Professional Services

Anton Venema

CTO and VP Engineering

Ted Venema

VP Sales and Marketing

Jerod Venema

Jerod is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations and also has direct responsibility for the professional services division. His knowledge of web applications, the project lifecycle and his ability to apply technology to business problems is only surpassed by his passion for customer care.

Before founding Frozen Mountain, Jerod worked as a senior project manager, senior software developer, and application architect for a variety of companies including DuPont, Siemens, and Prosperity Software Solutions. Jerod has been active in the open-source development community for several years. He holds two engineering degrees from North Carolina State University. With over 16 years in the field, Jerod's knowledge and experience are invaluable in guiding the company’s operations. For more information on Jerod, view his LinkedIn profile.

Anton Venema

As the technical visionary and prime architect of Frozen Mountain’s products, Anton is responsible for ensuring that Frozen Mountain's products exceed the needs of today and predict the needs of tomorrow. His technological intuition, vast knowledge base, and extensive academic background provide a strong foundation upon which Frozen Mountain's innovation thrives.

Before founding Frozen Mountain, Anton worked as a freelance technical consultant for a number of companies including Siemens and the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science. His professional career in developing web and communications applications started in high school
before any formal training. Anton holds a joint degree in Computing Science and Linguistics from the Simon Fraser University, with a focus in machine learning and computational linguistics. After working in the field for over 12 years, Anton has the expertise necessary to guide the company
through the ever changing world of emerging technologies. For more information on Anton, view his LinkedIn profile.

Ted Venema

Joining the team in 2014, Ted is responsible for developing additional partnerships and business opportunities. With forty years of experience in product development, management, research and marketing; Ted brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge to assist Frozen Mountain in its growth.

Ted has worked in a variety of roles including Modernization Specialist (Oracle), President (BluePhoenix Solutions), VP Development (Antares and Software AG). For more information on Ted, view his LinkedIn profile.